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The QS KPI object that selects

Learn how you can use a styled button instead of a KPI object, which then allows to select on click what it calculates!

KPI objects are great and every Qlik Sense App has such: They are simple, dimensionless, just count or sum or average something. But what I miss is the ability to select what they count or sum or ... calculate, they only show a number of jump to another sheet. I wanted the KPI object to have "actions" just like the button has, but - there is no. But in return, I could style the button in a way to act as a KPI object, I put the definition of the KPI into the script (for single-point-of-maintenance) and then used the little-known formula search-expression to get me selected, what the KPI shows as a number. That is really powerful. Check out the video.

PS You can argue that the KPI object has ways to format the numbers, for example to come with an abbreviation k for thousands, M for millions .... etc ... And unfortunately there is no formatting option other than using "Num( ... )" formula to render the values. I shared a formula in the community which mimics the nice number format. You can use it to get very close to the numbers created by a KPI object ;-)