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Go beyond the native Qlik Sense Client. Unlock the power of your data directly in your solution or as a high end web application with a stunning UI/UX experience with no restrictions and boundaries using our  advanced framework and services.

Q^plus Analytics Framework

Our frontend framework gives you a boost in terms of UI and UX with advanced and enhanced UI capabilities on top of Qlik fully integral-able in your own or new web app by combining your own custom content with our analytics components available at your choice

+50 UI Components

Our framework offers you more than 50 UI components to build up your customized web app

Professional Mockups

Professional Mockups with ad-hoc design sprints to meet your expectations in terms of Corporate Design

1-3 days of PoC

A 1-3 day re-usable PoC to show you how fast we can bring you to market with high end web analytics solution


No boundaries, no limits, just free to design your web apps how you prefer, whereby we deliver the analytics part with some interesting features

High End Web Solutions
based on our framework

Plenty of advance high end custom UI components based on our framework:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Custom UI (Selection Bar, KPIs, Filters ...)

  • Multi Theming and Multi Language

  • Own Charting Library

  • Navigation UI Elements (Tab, Carousell, Collapse and Expand etc.)

  • Live patching of properties based on your UI state

  • Advanced Exporting options (xlsx, png, pdf)

  • Persisting of personalized preferences

create your own analytics puzzle

Enables users to create their own dashboards based on their own personal interests in an intuitive way, includes:

  • Grid Layout

  • Resizing

  • Drag and Drop

Advanced Collaboration
with notifications

Social Collaboration features in an easy and intuitive manner like the most well known social apps (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) with contextualized commenting and reactions based on the current selections

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Product

Custom Reporting
fully customizable reports

Our AdHoc Reporting component is a simple way to create ad-hoc reports based on pre-defined dataset into your own web solution. User then can choose dimensions and measures to create its own report by picking up the preferred visualization type with plenty of options, like:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Save your report and export it (pdf, png, xlsx)

  • Share with other users part of the web app or on external channels (Slack, Email...)

  • Pin your created report on your customized pinwall

Stunning UI/UX Design
latest design principles

We offer professional:

  • Design Sprint(s)

  • Mockups

  • Living Prototypes (Figma, Invision...)

Our features explained in a nutshell

Administer and manage your app resources via the Insight Management Console

The Insight Management Console is the "frontend of our backend services". It allows to manage the resources created outside of Qlik applications. Translations of labels into multi languages, user management, rules for Qlik server automation etc. are set here.

User and Customer Management with 2-factor authentication

Administer and manage your on-boarded customers and users through a intuitive and simpler user interface

Administer the content of your web-app within our compact CMS

Label Management
Email Templates
and much more


The solution for Qlik deployments
you can rely on

The data/\bridge Hub gives developers on Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows some highly needed options around app lifecycle management. You can refresh design of many apps in one go while re-tagging them, inspect the apps sheets, script, and data model and do much more beyond the capabilities of the Qlik Management Console (qmc).


Mass updates

redeploy design, script, or data into many target apps


Set/remove tags dynamically with deployments

Inspect apps

Quick viewing of script, and data model

Url controlled

browser deeplinks for repeating deployments

Choose what part of
an app you like to deploy

Qlik Sense on Windows allows to "publish and replace" one app with a new one, but it will replace everything of the destination app except the title and tags, including the data and script of the source app. Often, this is not wanted when you deploy a new design, you may want to leave data unchanged. That can be done with the data/\bridge hub.

Open App quickly
with /single mode (QAP)

Do you have a QAP license? Then you can't open an app from the hub. The data/\bridge hub allows you yet to see the script, the data model, and to open any sheet of the app (via /single mode), so you stay on top of your apps.

Everything we do at data/\bridge
we do it with passion