A collection of services and re-usable components around Qlik Sense (Qlik Windows and Qlik SaaS) with focus on high-end analytical web-apps (mashups) and process automation.

Turn your Qlik apps into white-labelled, integrated, custom-designed web apps with lots of enhanced features compared to the standard.
We add backend services and a persistence layer to enable social features, custom preferences, and a interest wall for your own collection of charts.
We automate the application life-cylce, from the on-boarding of a new client and app creation, to reloading and deploying future design changes.
We deliver the best analytical experience for your software, built upon on modern BI solutions tools. You can choose from a chocolate box of services
Why to choose our platform?

Great User Experience (UI/UX) with automated data flows and powerful analytics engine


Save time. Reduce errors. Increase efficiency. Concentrate on the value adding things. 
Automate your data flows. 


You want to get to the next level? 
Here we go: 
Elevate your environment to a modern cloud-ready tech-stack BI platform.   


Collaborate, slice/dice, drill-down, predictit, simulate, ...  
Do the good stuff you already do, but even better? 
You and your customers will love it. 

White Label

More revenues and even more happy customers? 
No problem!
Embed the insight /̈\ platform into your or your customer’s environment. 
Let’s get started.

What sets us apart? Why us?

We combine business understanding and technology

Q^plus offers you a range of services and capabilities to meet internal reporting and management needs

Reporting and Analysis

- Tabular Reports
- Custom Visualizations
- Data exporting
- Self Service Data Discovery

Team Collaboration

- Commenting on data points
- Add sentiments
- Discuss & elaborate with the community

Great UI/UX experience

- Individual solutions linked to your CI
- Mockup Design
- Pre-packed UI components with high flexibility in styling

Actionable Insights

- Through natural language efficiently pinpoint the data points
- Enable the data scientists to create 360 degrees insights to create basis for decision making
- Thrive on data, steer your business

What we can offer?

Services and Solutions