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Qloud Friend Extension

Qloud friend extension helps you with managing sheet edits in published apps.

Christof Schwarz

Head of Analytics

"We use our success-critical competencies; Intellectual and tech-savvy agility"


After developing a couple of Sense apps on qlikcloud.com I found 3 things repeatingly annoying, that my new extension is going to solve!

  1. If you publish an app, sheets are not published unless set to be public
  2. A public sheet, even in an app in my work, cannot be changed unless made private again
  3. If I switch many sheets between private and public I forget to set them to right state before re-publishing the app (and sheets disappear from the child app ...)

But this has come to an end, the databridge Qloudfriend Extension is here. Behind the small button, that attaches itself on the top right corner of the Sense Client (it reads "db" for databridge). The extension allows tagging of the intended use of every sheet (private/public) and it warns you, if a sheet is not in the intended state. Checking out a sheet for editing is just one mouseclick away (not a couple of clicks in different sub-menus), same for checking a sheet in. Even republishing the app is done with another mouseclick from that extension, no switching to the hub. This makes my life much easier redeploying apps on Qlik SaaS, and of course, there is a video bout it to check out!